Lincoln County Parks & Recreation



ADOPTED 7/01/2011

[accordion title=”Authority of the Board” active=’0′] The Lincoln County Parks and Recreation Board shall serve as the counties primary administrator for Parks and Recreation and shall have authority over management functions of the Park and the Park Director. The Board shall be responsible for setting and implementing policies and shall be responsible to the Judge Executive and the Fiscal Court. The Board shall be responsible for supervising the work of committees appointed by the Board. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Responsibility of the Board”] The Board, pursuant to state law, is a policy making body with its main focus being providing maximum recreational opportunities and activities to serve the public in Lincoln County.

The Board shall have the authority to set and monitor policies, which shall provide optimum recreational activities at the Park for the public.

Outside of a legally called Park Board meeting, no Board member has decision-making or administrative authority. The Board shall have the authority to form the number and types of committees needed to asses the needs of the Park and make recommendations to the Board.

[accordion title=”Composition of the Board”] The Park Board shall consist of 5 members, appointed by Judge Executive and Magistrates. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Eligibility”] Park Board members must be residents of Lincoln County and at least 18 years of age to serve as a Board member. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Terms”] The Lincoln County Parks and Recreation Board, hereinafter referred to as the Board, shall be composed of 5 members to be appointed by the Lincoln County Judge Executive and the Lincoln County Fiscal Court. The 5 appointed members shall have full and equal voting rights. The 5 members of the Board shall be appointed to 3-year terms or until their successors are appointed as follows. Each magistrate shall appoint 1 member from his magisterial district and the Judge Executive shall appoint 1 at large member. (See first term exception)

Terms of Park Board members shall be for Three (3) years and shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30. New Board members may meet with the Board in June as “Board members elect”. During this time they can help the Board plan for the next fiscal year and participate in training sessions. They are not eligible to participate in the decision making process.

[accordion title=”Vacancies”]Park Board vacancies shall be filled by the Judge Executive and Fiscal Court. The person elected to fill the vacancy shall serve the remainder of the term and be eligible for re-appointment of a three-year term. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Types of Meetings”] Board members shall attend two types of meetings:

1. Regular-Meetings held of a set day of the month and at a set time of the day.

2. Special-Meetings scheduled, as they are needed between regular scheduled meetings. These may include meetings designed for Board members to acquire knowledge and/or develop skills and develop plans for improving the Park not completed within the committee system.

[accordion title=”Schedule of Regular Meetings”] The Park Board shall meet on the third Wednesday of each month at
6:00 PM at the courthouse. The chairperson may cancel regular meetings, with approval from a majority of the Board. Regular meetings shall be held each month.

[accordion title=”Special Meetings”]The chairperson or a majority of the Board may call special meetings. A twenty-four (24) hour notice shall be given to the media and all Board members. The announcement of the meeting shall include time, place, and purpose of the meeting. No items, other than those on the agenda, may be discussed. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Agenda”] Each regular and special Park Board meeting shall operate by agenda. The chairperson shall form the agenda with items provided by Board members. The agenda shall be distributed to all Board members at least twenty-four hours in advance of the meeting. All business transacted by the Board shall be by agenda only. The Board at the beginning of the meeting shall approve the agenda. Other items may be added to the agenda of a regular meeting with the approval of the Board. Citizens who are not on the Board may recommend items for the agenda by contacting a Board member. Agenda items shall be presented to the Board Chair in writing. A person recommending an item must be at the meeting for it to be discussed. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Chairperson”] The chairperson shall preside at all meetings. In the absence of the Chair, the vice-chairperson may chair the meeting. The Chairperson shall be elected by the majority vote of the members at the July meeting of each year. Chairperson may serve consecutive terms if members so desire. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Vice-Chairperson”] The Vice-Chairperson shall be selected by the Board and shall be any Board member. In the absence of the Chair, the vice-chairperson may preside at Board meetings. The vice-chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote of the members at the July meeting of each year. Vice-Chairperson may serve consecutive terms if members so desire. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Decision Making Process”]The primary method of making decisions hall be by consensus. An effort shall be made to thoroughly discuss all possible alternatives, provide everyone ample opportunity to be heard, and make a final choice that can be supported by the group. In the event consensus cannot be reached, a delay in making the decision shall be used as one alternative to help reach consensus.

In the event a decision is necessary, then majority rule will be followed. Decisions by majority rule shall require a simple majority of the members present. A tie vote will result in no action taken by the Board.

[accordion title=”Quorum”] Half +1 of the members of the Board must be present for the Board to make official decisions. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Minutes”] Minutes of all the Board’s regular and special meetings shall be recorded in writing and kept on file in the Park Directors’ office. Minutes shall also be approved by the Board and stored in a minute book. A copy of all minutes shall be provided to Board members and the Judge Executive as a means of keeping them informed. The minutes shall be disseminated to the Board, Judge Executive within 7 working days from the date of the meeting. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Open Meetings”] All Board meetings shall be open to the public except when personnel, legal issues affecting the council, or rights to privacy issues are under consideration. Fewer than one or more of these conditions a Board may go into executive session. All decisions made by the Board shall be in open public meeting. The Board shall abide by the state’s open meeting law. KRS 61.810, KRS 61.805, KRS 61.850 [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Recording Secretary”] The Board shall elect a qualified person to serve as recording secretary at the July meeting of each who shall be responsible for:

1. Recording in writing all minutes of meetings.

2. Processing the minutes and disseminating to all required persons.

3. Filling minutes in the minute books.

[accordion title=”Public Inspection of Records”] To request access to Park Board records, a written Request for Board Records shall be submitted to the Chair. A copy of this request shall be kept with the Board minutes. The Chair shall be the Open Records Compliance Office of the council. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Input from Non-Council Members”] The Board shall provide an “open chair” at all Board meetings for those who are in attendance to have the opportunity to address issues under consideration. Persons who are not members of the Board may show their desire to comment by signing in on the provided sign in sheet. The chairperson will call upon them to come to the open chair to speak. No speaker shall be allowed to engage in a debate with others. No speaker shall be allowed to speak over five (5) minutes and no speaker shall be allowed to engage in a personal attack. If a verbal attack occurs, the Board shall adjourn and conduct no further business. If the topic is not on the agenda, speakers shall be refereed to the appropriate committee if one exists. No decisions will be made at that time, but may be addressed at the next meeting. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Policy Development and Review”] The Board shall govern all activities and decisions of the Park Board. All polices (new and revised) and changes to the by-laws shall require two (2) readings before they are adopted. All by-laws and policies shall be provided for review to the Judge Executive. The Board shall, at least, annually review the by-laws and policies and make any changes that will improve the operation and productivity of the Parks & Recreation department. Revisions shall be made as needed in order to more effectively serve the Community. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Park Director”]The Board shall employ a Parks & Recreation Director with the approval of the Fiscal Court and he or she shall be its direct representative in the management of the Lincoln County Park system. This director shall be given the necessary authority and held responsible for the administration of the Park System in all of its departments subject to the policy or policies enacted by the Board and to such orders as may be issued by the Board or by any of its committees to which it has delegated power to act. More specifically, the authority and duties for the director shall be:

1. To perfect and submit to the Board for approval a scheme of organization of the personnel and others concerned with the operation of the Lincoln County Park System.

2. To prepare a budget showing the expected receipts and expenditures as part of the Fiscal Court Budget

3. To make recommendations to the Board concerning the employment, control and discharge of employees.

4. To supervise all business affairs such as the records of financial transactions, collections of accounts, and purchase and issue of supplies, and to be certain that all funds are collected and expended to the best possible advantage as approved by the Board, as well basic rental contracts for campers and building rentals and to conduct such other business in an appropriate manner.

5. To submit regularly to the Board or its authorized committees, periodic reports showing the professional service and financial activities of the Park System and to prepare and submit any special reports that may be require by the Board.

6. The Park Director shall meet quarterly with the Lincoln County Fiscal Court and report as to the financial activities and progress of the Park System, and shall send by mail or fax a copy of the board minutes to the Fiscal Court, and properly shown in the Minutes and Orders of each.

7. The Park Director shall not borrow any money on behalf of said Park System without the approval of the Board and the Fiscal Court, and properly shown in the Minutes and Orders of each.

8. To attend all meetings of the Board and its committees unless excused.

9. To perform any other duty that may be necessary to the best interest of the Park System.

10. To develop programs and activities and utilize citizen participation to identify community needs and interests.

11. To collect and analyze facts and opinions and utilize findings as a guide to action.

12. To conduct studies related to programs, areas, facilities and community needs.

13. To provide proper maintenance of the Lincoln County Park Systems grounds and facilities and keep up with changing needs and conditions to recommend further improvements or developments.

14. The Park Director is the chief public relation officer and must communicate the Lincoln County Park Systems programs and objectives to the public by all suitable media.

15. The Park Director shall be bonded in an amount to be set by Board as per statue. The bond shall be from a reputable bonding company licensed to do business in the state of Kentucky, and shall be hold by the clerk of the Lincoln County Fiscal Court.