Lincoln County Parks & Recreation


2019 6th-8th Grade Rec League Basketball: Registration Nov 26-Dec 7

Registration: OnlinePDF

Registration Fee: Goes toward a basketball jersey, player insurance, end-of-the-season t-shirt, and to help offset other expenses.  A refund will not be issued once your child is placed on a team.

Registration Opportunities:

  1. Park office will have an open registration period Monday-Friday 1-4PM.
  2. Registration will be available online, mail in, and Drop Box at the park office after hours.
  3. Check or Money Order ONLY. NO CASH PAYMENTS!

Parent Responsibility: You will need to provide your child with tennis shoes (preferably high tops) and playing shorts for games.

Coaching: All coaches in this program are volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach, please notify the park office.  Each team is allotted no more than 2 coaches during games.  Coaches are not to recruit players for their team nor can they guarantee players to their team.

Team Selection: Teams will be mixed up and divided based on grade, age, gender, height, weight, and experience.  Coach and player requests may not be honored and the Lincoln County Parks & Recreation reserve the right to deny any special requests made.

Practice: Coaches will be responsible for making the initial contact and direct notifications to parents about practice.  You will not be notified from the parks department.  Practice will begin in December after teams have been formed (approximately 1-2 weeks after registration ends).    You will be practicing at the Lincoln County Community Center Gym (Kings Mt.).  Teams will practice 1 time per week.

Games: The games will start in January.  All games will be played at the South Lincoln Community Center Gym.  Teams will play on Saturday and potentially another day of the week (depending on availability).  End of the Season Tournament games may also be played on Sunday afternoon.  Regular season is typically 6 weeks long, weather permitting.  Admission will be collected at the door of the games.