Lincoln County Parks & Recreation

Rookie League Rules



  • 1 manager and 3 coaches are allowed in the dugout. If a third coach is not available to oversee the dugout while the team is batting, a parent must become a base coach. There must be a coach in the dugout with players at all times. Parents who are not coaches are not allowed in the dugout. This rule will be strictly enforced due to the safety of all by-standers.
  • A team is allowed 3 offensive coaches on the field while on offense, a pitching coach, a first base coach and a third base coach. One defensive coach will be permitted on the field for instructional purposes only. The coach is not permitted to touch a live ball or touch any player while ball is in play. The coaches are permitted for INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Please do not abuse this rule.
  • Visiting team needs to be on field taking infield 10 minutes prior to game time.
  • Home team needs to be on field taking infield 5 minutes prior to game time.
  • Coaches are responsible for turning in a roster to the press box 10 minutes before the scheduled game time. Please have your line-up written/typed on a piece of paper for the official score keeper to have. Your line up must include first initial, last name, and jersey number. If a player shows up after the lineup has been entered into the official book, he must go to the bottom of the lineup. Do not ask the book keeper to erase players’ names in order to fit them in.
  • If a player shows up late for the game, he may be added to the bottom of the lineup if the first batter has not batted twice.
  • If a team cannot fill their roster by the start of the game, there will be a 10-minute waiting period before an automatic forfeit will be enforced and added to the teams’ record.
  • A player from a different team or league cannot be substituted if a roster cannot be filled.


  • Games will consist of 6 innings or 1 hour and 30 minute time limit. A new inning may not be started after the time limit has expired, except in the case of a tie game. If terminated by time, the inning in progress will be completed. There will not be a time limit during tournament play.
  • Play with a maximum of 10 fielders and a minimum of 8 players. Of these 10 players 4 must be outfielders.
  • All players must play 6 defensive outs before the end of the 4th inning. If a player does not play at least 6 defensive outs before the end of the 4th inning, the offending team will forfeit the game.
  • Offensive coach will pitch from 38 feet and must have one foot on pitching rubber. You may pitch from whatever position you want as long as one part of your body is touching the rubber.
  • The pitching coach may have limited instructing of the batter. If it becomes excessive, the umpire will give 1 warning to the coach. If it resumes, the coach will be removed to the dugout.
  • There will be a 6’circle drawn around the pitching rubber. The player pitcher must have one foot inside of this circle until the ball crosses home plate on a live pitch.
  • Bat all players on roster. All players present will be listed in the batting order and take their turn at bat, even if not playing a defensive position on the field. No changes will be made to the batting order.
  • If a batter cannot bat due to an injury or medical illness during the game then the batter that made the last out during his at bat will bat for the injured batter. But at any point in the game the injured batter overcomes his/her injury then he can reenter the batting order. If the substitute batter, which is determined by the above rule, is not available then to back to the previous batter that fits the same criteria.
  • If a player chooses to leave the game at any time other than for an injury or a medical illness, an out will be enforced when it is the absent player’s turn at bat.
  • If a batter hits a ball that hits the pitching coach, it will be a dead ball and a single for the batter and all runners will move up one base. If the coach makes a deliberate attempt to make contact with the ball, the batter will be called out and all runners will return to their original base.
  • Players are not allowed to throw the bat when at bat. The umpire will give one warning and if throwing the bat presumes, the player will be automatically called out.
  • Maximum number of runs that can be scored by inning is 6 per team. When game reaches a point where it is impossible for one team to score enough runs to tie, then game will be called.
  • If there is an overthrow to 1st base, all runners may only advance 1 base at own risk.
  • Batter gets 3 swinging strikes or 5 pitches (foul off the 5th pitch batter keeps batting).
  • Bunting is NOT allowed.
  • Stealing is NOT allowed.
  • All offensive players on the field must wear a batting helmet at all times.
  • If a play is made at home plate, the runner must slide feet first or it becomes an automatic out.


  • Once the official schedule is made, no games will be rescheduled unless weather- related. The Lincoln County Parks & Recreation reserve the right to postpone any game due to bad weather conditions. Please check the park Facebook page for updates on postponed/cancelled games on game day. If the park office does not call you, assume the game is still on schedule. The coaches are responsible for contacting all their players to let them know of any postponed/cancelled games.
  • If there is lightning during a practice or game, the team must exit the playing field and dugout, go to a vehicle and wait 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.
  • Delayed Game: Is defined by a weather-related issue that causes the game to be delayed for a certain time period and finished the same day. If any child fails to return in a delayed game other than for an injury or medical illness, a forfeit will automatically be enforced when it is the absent player’s turn at bat.
  • Postponed Game: Is defined by a weather-related issue that causes the game to be postponed and finished on another day. If any child fails to return in a postponed game, the absent player will be skipped in the batting order and the absent base runner will leave the base unoccupied.
  • The umpires have been advised to stop any arguing or fighting as soon as it happens by removing the offending parties from the ballpark. Make sure your parents understand this. If a player or coach is ejected from a game a mandatory one game suspension will be imposed. If suspended, you will not be allowed 500 feet from the parameter of the First Southern Veterans Park on game day. There is no appeal process to an ejection.
  • If a spectator gets ejected from a game, he/she will be banned from the premises for the rest of the season. There is no appeal process for this ejection.
  • The First Southern Veterans Parks Baseball Complex is a NO SMOKING facility. You may only be allowed to smoke in the parking lot.
  • Absolutely no tobacco use (this includes chewing and dipping) on the field or in the dugout at the First Southern Veterans Park and Harmon Heights. If a coach is caught using any tobacco products on the field or in the dugout during practice or a game, a one game suspension will be enforced immediately. If a coach is caught a second time using any tobacco products on the field or in the dugout, he or she will be terminated from his or her coaching position for the rest of the baseball season.
  • All teams are responsible for picking up trash in the dugout and on the field after a game and practice. A team will not be allowed to enter the dugout until the team that played prior to you has completely exited.
  • No cursing or vulgar conduct will be allowed during a game or at practice. If a coach or player is caught using curse words or vulgar language, the player or coach will be ejected immediately for the game and a one game suspension will be enforced. If a player or coach continues to curse or use vulgar language once ejected or is caught a second time, he/she will be banned from the premises for the rest of the season. There is no appeal process.
  • All players are responsible for keeping up with their own player equipment. The Lincoln County Parks and Recreation are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at the First Southern Veterans Park.
  • Coaches and auxiliary staff will only be allowed to enter the press box.
  • Please keep all chanting in the dugout positive.

Rookie League Questions/Inquiries

First, what constitutes a “dead” ball?
Answer: When the runner(s) stop running because the defensive team made a play and has stopped the runner(s).

Second, what constitutes a play?
Answer: When the defensive team attempts to make an out.

*On several instances, the defensive players hold the ball up in the air and call time. This does not teach your players to make an out nor does it cause the runners to stop running. Coaches, please teach your players to make outs on a base.

*Also, on several instances, the defensive team will run to the circle where the pitcher stands to stop play. The ball going into the circle does not constitute a stop play either. Again, coaches need to be teaching players to make plays at the bases.

*Keep in mind that there is an overthrow at first base only rule in this league. The runners can only advance 1 base.

Third, what is the goal for the defensive team?
Answer: 1. ultimately, to keep the runner from scoring runs by attempting to throw the runner out AND
2. To keep the runner from advancing (stop play) by having full control of the ball.

Fourth, what is the umpire’s responsibility?
Answer: 1. the umpire is NOT responsible for stopping a runner, the defensive team is.
2. The umpire is responsible for using his/her judgment on whether to call time because the runner(s) has been stopped by the defensive team.

*Once the umpire has called “time,” that runner may not advance to the next base.