Lincoln County Parks & Recreation

Coaches COC

Coaches Code of Conduct download_pdf


Lincoln County Parks & Recreation Board of Directors must approve each youth sports coach. Coaches must beat least 18 years of age and have a background check. All coaches must be of unquestionable repute, with high moral standards and sound character. You must abide by the youth sports specific rules, policies, and code of conduct. If you violate or fail to comply with the rules, policies, or code of conduct, you will be released of your voluntary coaching duties and responsibilities without warning. There is no appeal process.

Responsibilities for Head Coach

The main responsibility of the coaches is to organize and conduct his/her team in manners, objective and principals as outlined by these by laws. Abide by all the rules and guidelines set by the Lincoln County Parks & Recreation Board of Directors. In addition, he/she shall do the following

A. Be familiar with their players’ backgrounds and know their parents and their families as much as possible.

B. Use sound judgment in all areas with the players’ safety, health and well being of the utmost importance.

C. Call a special meeting of the parents of his/her players, and inform them of league objectives and goals. He/she should also explain his/her philosophies and coaching methods, and inform players of any additional team rules above and beyond these bylaws. These “rules” are subject to review and revision by the board of directors.

D. Acting spokes person for the team during the game. He/she will be the only coach allowed to approach the official during the game to discuss any questionable calls. Approaching a referee should be done in a discrete manner.

E. Must make sure that the field/court and bench areas are picked up once practice or the game has ended.

F. Schedule professional pictures for your team with the contracted photographer. The photographer will be responsible for getting in touch with the head coach during the season.

G. The head coach is responsible for handing out individual awards at the end of the season. Each player will only receive 1 award. The Lincoln County Parks & Recreation will provide the awards.

Responsibilities for Assistant Coach

A. The assistant coach is not allowed to dispute any calls made by the officials during the game.

B. The assistant coach may be the acting head coach only if the head coach is not present and all of the responsibilities for the head coach will apply.

Disciplinary Actions

The Lincoln County Parks & Recreation Board of Directors shall approve all disciplinary actions, which the Director will administer. The disciplinary procedure outlined may be applied to coaches who are suspected of offenses. In addition, the following violations may be considered in evaluation of charges:

A. Attempt to purposefully throw a game.

B. Practicing or talking to kids and parents telling them they will be on a certain team.

C. Practicing participants who have failed to go through the Lincoln County Parks & Recreation registration process.

D. Failure to uphold all league rules and responsibilities.

Coaches Violation

A. Any coaches who (1) uses curse, vulgar, or threatening language toward an official, coach, player, or spectator, (2) touches an official, coach, player, or spectator, or (3) becomes slanderous or negative on any social media site toward an official, player, coach, or spectator will be suspended permanently.

B. In the event a coach is ejected from a game, the following will apply:

1st Offense – Suspended for the remainder of the game and one game
2nd Offense – Suspended two games
3rd Offense – Suspended rest of year (This includes all games, scrimmages, and practices.)

C. There is no appeal process if any ejections or suspensions occur.