Lincoln County Parks & Recreation

Participants COC

Participant Code of Conduct download_pdf


All participants must meet the age requirements in order to participate. You must abide by the youth sports specific rules, policies, and code of conduct.

Responsibilities for Participants

A. The players are responsible to attend all practices and games.

B. The players must abide by the league rules and guidelines.

C. The players are not permitted to any type of violence or use of foul language during practices or games.

D. The players are not permitted to discuss any calls made by the official during the game whether that player is in the game or on the sideline.

E. The players must be respectful to everyone and are not allowed to use any profanity toward the opposing team during the game or practice.

F. Players may not wear jewelry (watches, earrings, necklaces, etc.), bandanas, or any other apparel that may compromise player safety.

G. The players must stay on the sideline area at all times during the game unless asked to check in or during time-outs.

H. All players must play minimum time allotted in games, unless request otherwise.

I. A player will not be permitted to move to a different team under any circumstances during the season.

J. Each player will receive 1 individual award for completing the season. The head coach will be responsible for passing out the awards.

Disciplinary Actions

The Lincoln County Parks & Recreation Board of Directors shall approve all disciplinary actions, which the Director will administer. The disciplinary procedure outlined may be applied to participants who are suspected of offenses. In addition, the following violations may be considered in evaluation of charges:

A. Attempt to purposefully throw a game.

B. Practicing or talking to a coach who tells them they will be on a certain team.

C. Practicing with a team without going through the Lincoln County Parks & Recreation registration process.

D. Failure to uphold all league rules and responsibilities.

Participant Violation

A. Any participant who (1) uses curse, vulgar, or threatening language toward an official, coach, player, or spectator, (2) touches an official, coach, player, or spectator, or (3) becomes slanderous or negative on any social media site toward an official, player, coach, or spectator will be suspended permanently.

B. In the event a participant is ejected from a game, the following will apply:

1st Offense – Suspended for the remainder of the game and one game
2nd Offense – Suspended two games
3rd Offense – Suspended rest of year (This includes all games, scrimmages, and practices.)

C. There is no appeal process if any ejections or suspensions occur.