Lincoln County Parks & Recreation

Wee Ball Rules

Wee Ball RULES / INFORMATION download_pdf

  • Once the official schedule is made, no games will be rescheduled unless weather- related. The Lincoln County Parks & Recreation reserve the right to postpone any game due to bad weather conditions. Please check the park Facebook page for updates on postponed/cancelled games on game day. If the park office does not call you, assume the game is still on schedule. The coaches are responsible for contacting all their players to let them know of any postponed/cancelled games.
  • If there is lightning during a practice or game, the team must exit the playing field and dugout, go to a vehicle and wait 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.
  • A game will consist of a 1-hour time limit. A new inning may not be started after the time limit has expired.


  • Bat all players. A new inning may not be started until all players (both teams) have batted.
  • Hitting off of the tee is optional. The coach will be limited to 3 pitches then the ball will go on the tee.
  • A circle will be drawn around the batters box. Any batter who slings the bat out of the circle, a warning will be given by the coach. If it happens again, the player will be automatically out.
  • The ball advancing out of the circle around the batters box determines a hit.
  • If ball is hit in infield, the runner can advance only 1 base. If ball is hit in outfield, the runner can advance only 2 bases. The last batter will run all the base runners in to home plate.
  • Score will not be kept.
  • There will not be an umpire so the base coaches are responsible for calling outs. If you are out, you sit down. However, outs will not be kept.


  • Play all players on defense in the field. Rotate players to different positions from game to game.
  • There will be one 6’circle drawn on the infield. The player pitcher must have at least one foot inside of this circle until the ball is hit.
  • The catcher needs to stand on the outside of the circle and opposite of the batter and needs to wear a batting helmet. Coaches need to stay close to the home plate at all times.
  • All outfielders must stay behind the base lines during the game.
  • An outfielder must throw the ball to the infield for the play to end. Outfielders cannot chase the runner down to get them out. Emphasize on throwing the ball instead of chasing a runner down.
  • Parents/Helpers who are on the field may not stop the ball with their foot.


  • The First Southern Veterans Parks Baseball Complex is a NO SMOKING facility. You may only be allowed to smoke in the parking lot.
  • Absolutely no tobacco use (this includes chewing and dipping) on the field or in the dugout at the First Southern Veterans Park and Harmon Heights. If a coach is caught using any tobacco products on the field or in the dugout during practice or a game, a one game suspension will be enforced immediately. If a coach is caught a second time using any tobacco products on the field or in the dugout, he or she will be terminated from his or her coaching position for the rest of the baseball season.
  • All teams are responsible for picking up trash in the dugout and on the field after a game and practice. A team will not be allowed to enter the dugout until the team that played prior to you has completely exited.
  • No cursing or vulgar conduct will be allowed during a game or at practice. If a coach or player is caught using curse words or vulgar language, the player or coach will be ejected immediately for the game and a one game suspension will be enforced. If ejection does occur, that player or coach will not be allowed on the premises for that suspended game. If a player or coach continues to curse or use vulgar language once ejected or is caught a second time, he/she will be banned from the premises for the rest of the season.
  • All players are responsible for keeping up with their own player equipment. The Lincoln County Parks and Recreation are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at the First Southern Veterans Park.